John Messer
John began his medical career as an Army Medic serving with the Third Armored Cavalry Regiment in Operation Desert Storm. Upon his honorable discharge from the Army he returned home to Citrus County where he had been raised. John began working with Greg Kidder the founder of Kidder Orthopedic Laboratories as an assistant. It was during his time working with Mr. Kidder that John decided to pursue a career as a certified orthotist/prosthetist.

John moved to Gainesville and began working on his Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences while volunteering in local orthotic and prosthetic facilities to gain more experience. Upon completion of his degree at the University of Florida John and his wife Amy moved to Chicago to attend Northwestern University's Orthotic and Prosthetic Programs. Upon completion of his certificate programs at Northwestern he began his two year residency program with ABC orthotics and prosthetics in Alabama. Following his residency programs he was successful in attaining national certification through the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics.

John continued to work for ABC O&P following his certification until moving to Valdosta, Georgia. John worked for a national provider of orthotics and prosthetics while in Valdosta. He attained the position of area practice manager responsible for the operation of four facilities and gained experience in managing patient care facilities. Following his time in Valdosta, John accepted a position in Dothan, Alabama that would allow him to improve his skills as a clinician and manager in a high volume family owned practice. It was while in Dothan that John and his family were presented with the opportunity they had been dreaming of for many years, business ownership! John and Amy purchased Kidder Orthopedic Laboratories (the company he began his career in 16 years earlier) in June of 2010.

John and Amy are happy to be back in the area that they were raised in and excited for what the future holds. During his free time John enjoys spending time with his family which includes four children (three girls and one boy), airboating, fishing, and hunting.
Kelly Beckett
Office Manager
Kelly is dedicated to making sure every patient gets the best possible customer care. Her mission at Kidder Orthopedic Laboratories Inc. is to handle all intake and insurance issues so patients can get back to their lives, while she manages the payer process. She has over 15 years in insurance billing and medical office experience.
Kyle Eastwood
Chief Technician
Kyle has been with Kidder Orthopedic Labs Inc. for several years. He is John's assistant and our chief technician. We always joke that Kyle can make or fix anything but he really can. While most of his training has been on the job, this past year he attended the AOPA state convention with John and a seminar by Coyote to learn the most advanced techniques available in prosthetic production.