Braces and supports can exponentially improve the quality of life for people with specific musculoskeletal conditions caused by either ailment, injury or congenital anomaly. Kidder Orthopedic of Crystal River sees to the production and care of quality orthotic aides.

Our orthotic specialists in Crystal River are the best in the Nature Coast at creating a range of precise, custom-fit items, from complex bracing systems to upper body orthotics, diabetic shoes to cranial bands. Our goal is to increase mobility while decreasing rehabilitation time. Orthoses can be especially helpful in preventing an existing problem from getting worse.

A trip to Kidder Orthopedic begins with a thorough consultation and evaluation, and continues through recommendations, treatment, education and rehabilitation. What separates us from the rest is our expertise in difficult-to-fit cases; our utilization of advanced fabrication techniques using custom thermoplastics and a variety of other materials; and a history of superior patient outcomes. Come and make your life easier with us.
For a private consultation, please contact us at kidderorthopedic@kidderoandp.com