Kidder Orthopedic Testimonial
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John and Staff,
I am a 12 year below the knee amputee. I lead a very active life. Your attention to detail has given me a great fit on my socket. The foot you chose for me works well for the things I do. Thanks for your time and patience making the fit as comfortable as it is! JOB WELL DONE!!

Donald Woods

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help.
As you know, I came to your office with a very serious injury; all of the bones in my foot were shattered. You built me a cast in the form of a boot which allowed me to get around.
Because of your expertise and professionalism the bones healed and I am on the way to recovery; opposed to possibly losing my leg! Again THANKS for your help!

Stephen W. Lacey
I have used Kidder Orthopedic Labs for several years now. They are outstanding in their business. The staff is wonderful and extremely helpful. They take the extra time necessary to fit you for your needs and do so in a caring manner. Alot of other orthopedic places just rush you through and really don't care. They have done my surgical support hose and I was extremely pleased with both the fit and the quality.I needed to have special measurements made and it was no problem for them, one of the few places that were understanding about this. I would definitely recommend them for any health care needs.

Virginia C (